See what Industry Peers are saying about the Apotheosys team.

‘Don is a consummate professional who brings his significant experience to help every client. He listens well, understands quickly and then can provide pointed, relevant feedback. I would recommend Don for any role where domain knowledge and intuitive reasoning would be required to improve the organisation, business process or technology within a company.’
S. Davis, VP Retail Consulting Partner – JDA Software

‘I worked closely with Don whilst we were both at PE Consulting, and I have had occasion to work with him many times since we both moved on. Don has always added value to any project he was involved in, and was a pleasure to work with both personally and professionally.’
D. O’Sullivan – FCILT

‘Don is a visionary. His experience and insight make him extremely credible with executives within retail and manufacturing, so you always want him on your team. This knowledge and enthusiasm have helped in closing some very large-scale Supply Chain and Logistics projects. He is very supportive to his team and colleagues. I would recommend him highly’
A. Sass, Sales and Alliances – JDA Software